ENTSOG Annual Report 2015


ENTSOG TP provides technical and commercial data on gas transmission systems, which include interconnection points and connections with storages, LNG facilities, distribution networks, final consumers and production facilities. The current version of ENTSOG TP was launched on 1 October 2014. It was developed with the aim of improving transpar- ency, user friendliness and data publication capabilities. It is a powerful tool providing the means for gas TSOs to fulfil their data publication obligations (see Chapter 3, Annex I, Regulation (EU) No 715/2009). ENTSOG received strong support from many stakeholders with regard to TP function- ality and the information provided therein. Link to the Transparency Platform: https://transparency.entsog.eu/

\\ Functionalities for recognising exemptions or non-applicability of TSOs’ data publications due to policy

or operational reasons. Through so-called “NA func- tionality” and “Minus sign functionality”, TP informs users on reasons for absence of data and helps them differentiate between publication exemptions and real missing data \\ Possibility to publish Within-Day capacity information in line with CAMNC requirements \\ TP Monitoring tool providing detailed statistical information on TP usage to ENTSOG ENTSOG and TSOs work closely together on a daily basis to achieve the highest quality and comprehensiveness of the data published on the platform. To satisfy and serve the market expectations of data quality and transparency, an internal monitoring process has been established to facilitate the joint efforts of ENTSOG and its members. Data publication

New Functionality

In order to improve the usability of ENTSOG TP, ENTSOG deployed the following features in 2015:

\\ Tool to easily recognise virtualised physical points, and easy access to historical data published before virtual- isation \\ Tool to detect competing points in context of CAMNC requirements

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ENTSOG Annual Report 2015

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