ENTSOG Annual Report 2015


Regulation (EU) No 1227/2011 (REMIT) establishes rules prohibiting abusive practices affecting wholesale energy markets. It provides for the monitoring of wholesale energy markets by the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regu- lators (ACER) in close collaboration with national regulatory authorities. The goal of REMIT, through strong cross-border market monitoring, is to detect and avoid market manipula-

tions and to facilitate the completion of a fully functioning, interconnected and integrated internal energy market.

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1348/2014 stipulates the information that shall be reported and defines the rules to be followed by the market participants with re- gards to their REMIT reporting to ACER.


As to the data reporting performed by ENTSOG on behalf of gas TSOs, ENTSOG provides the following information to its members: \\ Segregated access (per TSO) to report files submitted to ACER Reporting Information System for Applying REMIT (ARIS)

On behalf of gas TSOs, ENTSOG shall share information with ACER with regards to the capacity and use of facilities for the transmission of natural gas, including planned and unplanned unavailability of these facilities, as defined in Article 9 (1) of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1348/2014. In compliance with the requirements of REMIT and the re- quirements of ACER , ENTSOG passed the registration pro- cess and was officially announced as Registered Reporting Mechanism on 5 August 2015. ENTSOG developed its reporting system based on the provisions of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1348/2014 and other supportive documentation issued by the Agency with regard to REMIT. As of 7 October 2015, ENTSOG has been reporting the following set of aggregated fundamental data to ACER, for each TSO that is publishing data on the ENTSOG Trans- parency Platform:

\\ Segregated access (per TSO) to return receipts received by ENTSOG Reporting system from ARIS

\\ Daily report (per TSO) on the status of the files reported to ACER

As part of the REMIT Reporting process, ENTSOG is responsible for the following:

\\ Submitting data to ARIS

\\ Rectifying and submitting data in case of technical issues on the reports

\\ Aggregated day-ahead nominations

\\ Available interruptible capacity

The TSOs are responsible for carrying out the following:

\\ Aggregated final re-nominations

\\ Contracted interruptible capacity

\\ Performing complete, high-quality and timely data publications on ENTSOG Transparency Platform

\\ Actual physical flow

\\ Planned interruption of interruptible capacity

\\ Monitoring information provided by ENTSOG on data reported on TSOs’ behalf to ARIS

\\ Technical capacity

\\ Actual interruption of interruptible capacity

\\ If ACER rejects TSO REMIT data due to content/func- tional reasons, the respective TSO shall resend the relevant information to the ENTSOG Transparency Platform. It will then be transmitted to ACER through the ENTSOG Reporting System

\\ Available firm capacity

\\ Contracted firm capacity

\\ Planned interruption to firm capacity

\\ Total interruptible capacity

\\ Unplanned interruption to firm capacity

ENTSOG submits the required information to ACER as it was received on the Transparency Platform.

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