ENTSOG Annual Report 2015

Market Area Activities in 2015


Capacity Allocation Mechanisms

ENTSOG invited all interested stakeholders to two public workshops to discuss the identified issues and potential options. Two public workshops were held on 20 May 2015 and 30 June 2015 in Brussels. In addition, ENTSOG organised three preparatory meetings (on 11 May, 3 June and 25 June) with stakeholder experts in order to prepare the content of both workshops and propose some solutions. Through intensive dialogue with its stakeholders (public consultation, preparatory meetings of stakeholder experts and stakeholder workshops) on the outlined issues, ENTSOG gained their support for potential options related to the second stakeholder workshop held on 30 June. In July 2015, ENTSOG published a recommendation paper on how the issues may be resolved.

CAMNC came into effect in November 2013 with an imple- mentation date of 1 November 2015. In 2015, ENTSOG voluntarily facilitated the early implementation of CAMNC via the ACER/ENTSOG CAM Roadmap publication and related workshop. In Q4/2015, ENTSOG launched an implementation moni- toring process for CAMNC. This monitoring is required by Article 8 (8) of Regulation (EC) No 715/2009. ENTSOG launched the process in order to ensure timely publication of results in 2015 Annual Report. In addition to implement- ing monitoring tasks, ENTSOG has also developed Business Requirements Specifications for CAMNC. EFET and ENTSOG began a dialogue process in an ad-hoc joint work stream. The aim was to identify and resolve poten- tial issues related to the introduction of capacity bundling before more long-term bundled products are offered. The is- sues identified in the dialogue between EFET and ENTSOG were jointly presented at the XXVII Madrid Forum and wel- comed by participants. Afterwards, EFET and ENTSOG opened discussion to all stakeholders including national regulatory authorities and the European Commission. As a result of the joint EFET/ENTSOG workshops in 2015, four issues related to bundling were selected for further assessment with a view to finding solutions:

Congestion Management Procedures

ENTSOG commenced monitoring the implementation of CMP guidelines in December 2014 and published the results in Annual Report 2014. To ensure timely publication of results in this Annual Report, ENTSOG launched the next monitoring process in Q4/2015. This monitoring is re- quired by Article 8 (8) of Regulation (EC) No 715/2009.

Incremental Capacity work

The ENTSOG incremental proposal consists of two parts:

\\ Already contracted unbundled capacity and offer of bundled products only

1) An amendment to CAMNC to establish the process of offering and allocating incremental capacity

\\ CMP regulation and its consistent implementation across IPs

2) Incremental Chapter of TARNC dealing with the finan- cial regulatory parameters and tariff-related issues of incremental capacity.

\\ Alignment of secondary marketing of bundled products

Due to the high level of interrelations, the Incremental Pro- posal and the TARNC are closely coordinated.

\\ Aligned procedures for the surrender of capacity

In 2015, the activities of INC AKG covered the ongoing development of the CAM amendment and TARNC. This in- cluded working closely with ACER and DG Energy.

In April 2015, ENTSOG asked all interested stakeholders including ACER, EC and NRAs to contribute. ENTSOG requested feedback from stakeholders on its proposals and particularly on the identified issues. In April 2015, stakeholders were asked to provide feedback through a consultation tool available on the ENTSOG website (public consultation phase). They confirmed that the ENTSOG/ EFET work stream addresses the right issues, highlighting that one of the four discussed issues is the top priority.

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