ENTSOG Annual Report 2015

Press Releases 2015

13 February

Connecting EU energy markets – Commission adopts methodology

16 March

ENTSOG publishes TYNDP 2015

31 March

ENTSOG launches the public consultation on TYNDP 2015 and opens workshop registration ENTSOG launches an exceptional call for information on infrastructure projects ENTSOG and EFET invite to workshop on the bundling of capacities ENTSOG publishes the Summer Supply Outlook 2015 and Summer Review 2014 ENTSOG signes MoU with CEN and CENELEC in Riga ENTSOG and EASEE-gas conclude agreement on the development of data exchange messages ENTSOG publishes drafted Interconnection Agreement Template for default terms and conditions ENTSOG publishes the Addendum to Annex A of TYNDP 2015 ENTSOG opens public stakeholder consultation on AWP 2016 ENTSOG and GIE publish the System Development Map 2014 ENTSOG resubmits the Network Code on Harmonised Transmission Tariff Structures for Gas to ACER ENTSOG publishes recommendation paper on bundling of capacity ENTSOG publishes Winter Supply Outlook 2015/2016 and Winter Review 2015 New REMIT obligations seamlessly added to ENTSOG Transparency Platform ENTSOG publishes its Annual Report 2014

01 April

02 April

29 May

01 June

05 June

19 June

26 June

29 June

16 July

20 July

31 July

03 August

06 November

13 November

16 December

ENTSOG GA announces Change of Management

29 December

ENTSOG publishes modified Interconnection Agreement Template for default terms and conditions

30 December

ENTSOG publishes 2016 edition of its AWP

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ENTSOG Annual Report 2015

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