ENTSOG Annual Report 2015


LIO Tool Development 

The Local Issuing Office (LIO) manages the Energy Identifi- cation Coding (EIC) through weekly updates to the Central Issuing Office (CIO) and the ENTSOG website. Final responses to requests are delivered within a maximum of ten days.

After specifying the LIO tool in 2014, ENTSOG received three proposals to develop the software. ENTSOG selected a developer based in Ireland and worked with him to devel- op a Microsoft Access-based LIO EIC Tool. The supplier de- livered the tool in September 2015 and it is working very well within ENTSOG. An installation programme which can be used to deliver the tool to any interested LIO office was delivered in December 2015. During 2016, we will provide support and work with other LIO Offices to make improvements to the LIO EIC tool, which will include an updated data scheme. The Role Model is an initiative of EASEE-gas to develop a document representing relations between the different mar- ket participants in the gas industry. The project focusses mainly on information exchange between market partici- pants. While the document will not be legally binding, the aim is to provide common terminology for the roles that are used among EU countries. ENTSOG has contributed to the Role Model project on an advisory basis. EASEE-gas will present it at the Madrid Forum in October 2016. Role Model

Operation of LIO Office 

EIC is standardised and maintained by ENTSO-E and pro- vides a unique identification of the market participants and other entities active within the European Internal Energy Mar- ket. It is widely used in the Electronic Document Interchange and shall be used to identify parties and objects for REMIT. ENTSOG continued to operate the LIO Office 21 throughout 2015 and ENTSOG is now managing 1056 EIC codes. As part of this, the ENTSOG LIO website was redeveloped to make the request forms easier to use and to bring them up to date with the new EIC Reference Manual. In 2015, ENTSOG attended joint CIO/LIO meetings and contributed to upgrading the EIC Reference Manual. In ad- dition, ENTSOG presented a newly developed LIO software application tool for managing the EIC codes at the CIO/LIO meeting in Bled, Slovenia.

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