ENTSOG Annual Report 2015

System Operation Area

The System Operations business area is mainly in charge of developing technical network codes, evaluating all activities related to gas quality standardisation, developing and maintaining existent Common Network Operation Tools (CNOT), and the performance of ENTSOG’s Transparency Platform (TP). At present, System Operations comprises two main working groups: Interoperability (INTWG) and Transparency (TRAWG).


System Operation BA

Transparency WG

Platform Development KG


The energy market liberalisation process, aimed at securing a genuine, well-functioning, open and efficient internal mar- ket in gas, has significantly changed the gas transmission business and increased the need for transparency. In this respect, specific obligations for gas TSOs have been introduced through Regulation (EC) No 715/2009, which defines the basic transparency rules, further specified in Chapter 3 of Annex I (and its amendments).

The network codes have been developed to provide rules and procedures to reach an appropriate level of harmonisa- tion towards efficient gas trading and transport across gas transmission systems in the EU, increasing requirements for data publication. Regulation (EU) No 1227/2011 and its Commission Imple- menting Regulation (EU) No 1348/2014 introduced addi- tional publication and reporting obligations to the market participants, aimed at supporting market monitoring, to fos- ter open and fair competition in wholesale energy markets and the completion of a fully functioning, interconnected and integrated internal energy market.


The Transparency Working Group (TRA WG) is supported by the Platform Development Kernel Group.

TRAWG is responsible for facilitating and coordinating the following processes:

\\ Fulfilling transparency requirements of TSOs

\\ Implementing REMIT reporting obligations of ENTSOG and TSOs

\\ Maintaining ENTSOG Transparency Platform

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