ENTSOG Annual Report 2015


The Gas Coordination Group (GCG) is a platform estab- lished by Regulation (EU) 994/2010 that introduces measures of safeguarding the security of gas supply. The role of GCG is to exchange information and best prac- tices, to facilitate Security of Supply (SoS) standards and to support supply-and-demand balance especially in critical situations. Members include the European Commission,

representatives of EU Member States, ENTSOG, and other international organisations as well as the industry.

ENTSOG is responsible for coordinating TSO expertise with respect to assessing the interconnected gas infrastructure, especially through modelling analyses. As part of its regular contributions, ENTSOG published Summer Supply Outlook 2015 and Winter Supply Outlook 2015/16.


Both associations have continuously reinforced their collaboration over the recent years.

Both associations also cooperated on their Winter Outlooks, which allowed them to reflect on the ability to mitigate gas security-of-supply issues by substituting gas-fired genera- tion by other generation means as part of ENTSO-E Winter Outlook. The two ENTSOs organised a joint webinar on their Winter Outlooks on 16 December 2015. In addition, ENTSO-E and ENTSOG cooperated on the alignment between ENTSO-E’s TYNDP 2016 visions and ENTSOG’s TYNDP 2017 demand scenarios and on the con- sequent use of ENTSO-E’s TYNDP 2016 serves as a basis for gas demand for power generation in TYNDP 2017.

The development of a methodology to assess the gas demand for power generation as part of TYNDP 2015 and CBA methodology was made possible through the close cooperation of the System Development areas of both asso- ciations. The methodology describes the possible evolution of the power generation mix in each European country. Cooperation between both associations on System Develop- ment takes place under the umbrella of the common ENTSO-E/ENTSOG CoGasEl Task Force created in 2014. The Task Force was very active in 2015. It worked on the concept to fulfil Regulation (EU) 347/2013 requirement of a “consistent and interlinked gas and electricity model”. By 31 December 2016, both ENTSOs will jointly submit their proposal for a “consistent and interlinked gas and electrici- ty model” to the European Commission and ACER.

Since November 2015, ENTSOG has participated in ENTSO-E’s TF Scenario.

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