ENTSOG Annual Report 2015

ENTSOG Deliverables 2015

2 13 February European Commission adopts cost-benefit analysis (CBA) methodologies for transmission lines FEB MAR 16 March ENTSOG publishes TYNDP 2015 31 March Implementation Monitoring CAMNC and CMP Guidelines

6 May ENTSOG publishes Transmission Capacity Map 2014 29 May ENTSOG publishes Summer Supply Outlook 2015 and Summer Review 2014



1 April Exceptional call for information on infrastructure projects

1 June ENTSOG publishes its Annual Report 2014

5 June MoU with CEN and CENELEC

19 June ENTSOG and EASEE-gas conclude agreement on the development of data exchange messages 26 June ENTSOG publishes drafted Interconnection Agreement Template for default terms and conditions

29 June Addendum to Annex A of TYNDP 2015 published

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ENTSOG Annual Report 2015

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