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At ENTSOG, we view secondment as a significant step in the career and personal development of each person as it offers not only an opportunity to build a platform of European Energy but also a very international job environment. As you can see in the statements of former colleagues, working in Brussels is seen as challenging and rewarding at the same time. We shall continue to work with our member TSOs to ensure that ENTSOG can maintain and develop this way of ensuring a constructive interaction between the TSO business aspects and European regulatory development of the gas infrastructure.

RENÉ DÖRING Secondee from Ontras, Germany

René Döring Adviser, System Development from 2013 to 2015

I think the biggest skill I gained through my secondment is self-organisation.

The daily work with different colleagues from all over the European continent brings a lot of fresh ideas and useful inputs (including their habits :-)  ) and hence creates a multilateral working environment where

it is important “to keep cool” and focus on the things that are really important. To avoid losing yourself in all the issues and to deliver on time, it is essential to have your own internal sched- ule. This is a basic requirement and helps you to survive in your personal working environ- ment. But my time at ENTSOG also taught me the sense of good and open discussions and that feedback is indispensable. To get the support and to finalise your tasks, it is essential to involve all concerned parties and to discuss every step with them. Transparent and efficient work is half of the deliverable and helps you to achieve your goals. On the contrary, having good discussions also means keeping the respective deadlines in mind and being able to

My time at ENTSOG also taught me the sense of good and open discussions and that feedback is indispensable.

decide whether to follow the discussion further or to move along with the process. So to steer the overall process and reach the ‘port’, you have to be a ‘brave captain’ from time to time and develop your own way of doing things.

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