ENTSOG Annual Report 2015

2015: A Year of Changes

2015 was the sixth and final year of ENTSOG under Vittorio Musazzi’s management. Vittorio proved to be a very active and safe captain in the steering of the ENTSOG ship. In the first couple of years, he set the course of the ship putting in place not only the necessary infrastructure and administration including all office-related topics but also the way of working and the statutes of the association. He also successfully provided guidance in the development of all gas network codes, TYNDP and the Transparency Platform. At the same time he made sure ENTSOG operated in a very efficient manner. Vittorio deserves a lot of credit for doing all that with a safe hand on the wheel. In 2015, ENTSOG saw more significant changes in its management. All Business Area Managers changed, including Jan Ingwersen who was later appointed the new General Manager. Also, the rotation at adviser level (eight advisers having been replaced due to the secondment prin- ciple) made it a year of changes. Although, due to the secondment principle, the association changes its team every third year on average, the secondment is one of ENTSOG’s strengths. Most of the Brussels team members come from a member TSO. Seconded colleagues stay in contact with their company while maintain- ing their TSO perspective. Thus, they remain loyal to both ENTSOG and their home TSO. This creates a dynamic ENTSOG organisation that is able to balance business interests vis-à-vis regulatory interests.

Vittorio Musazzi General Manager, ENTSOG from 2010 to 2015

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ENTSOG Annual Report 2015

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